How Do I Quiet My Mental Chatter So That I Can Meditate?

How Do I Quiet My Mental Chatter So That I Can Meditate?Have you been told that you must stop your thoughts entirely so that you can meditate? This restrictive belief prevents many people from exploring meditation, and leads to a division between the self and the mind. Such needless fears about mental chatter may prevent you from enjoying meditation as a meaningful activity — something that you can practice in a mindfully focused, and yet truly personal way.

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Sympathy Gifts – An Expression That Comes From the Heart

Sympathy Gifts - An Expression That Comes From the HeartSympathy can be one of the most difficult human feelings to express. It’s hard to know just how to approach someone who is grieving. No matter how well thought out your words may be, often they fall short of the mark and can even cause the bereaved more pain. In most cases, listening and offering a shoulder to lean on can say far more than volumes of words ever could.

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Lost My Job, Now What: How to Recover

Lost My Job, Now What: How to RecoverFound yourself saying “Lost my job, now what?” The next step after that is not tricky, though it may prove difficult to accomplish. However, you should not lose hope once you do lose your job. In a few simple steps, you will be able to get back on your feet immediately; follow these steps properly then you will be ready to face the world once again. First, it is a fact that losing your job is very stressful Continue reading

How to Overcome Your Stage Fright and Master Your Performance

How to Overcome Your Stage Fright and Master Your PerformanceDo butterflies attack your stomach at the mere thought of getting up in front of a group of people and performing? You are not alone.

Stage fright or performance anxiety is something which almost everyone has suffered, at least once in their life. Even professional performers, artists and athletes suffer from it. It can be detrimental to your career and prevent you from doing something which you enjoy very Continue reading

How to Reach Your Destiny on Your Own

How to Reach Your Destiny on Your OwnAs Ralph Waldo Emerson pointed out, self-reliance should not be considered as a definitive aim in life, but rather a starting point. The reason is obvious. If we were perfectly self-reliant in everything, there would not be a need for other people. The need for self-reliance in reaching your destiny on your own becomes obvious, as it removes the dependency on others. And to reach self-reliance Continue reading

Putting Yourself on a Time Out

Putting Yourself on a Time OutDo you have a naughty chair or mat somewhere in your house for your children? Or someplace they have to go to “think” about what they have done? How about for yourself?

Even though I live alone, I have found that I need a designated place in my house where I can go take a “time out” on a regular basis to recharge, relax, focus, and reconnect with myself. You’d think that Continue reading

Jive Talkin’

Jive Talkin'‘Rumor has it’, ‘Daily Dish’, or ‘Did You Hear?’ as a headliner may have grabbed readers attention more quickly. How many of us would not jump on a chance to get in on the latest, be it true or false. Whether it is on a local level, the world of politics or fame and fortune, why is it that human nature lives to be in the know? Where does the news and conversation stop and the gossip Continue reading

I Want to Build a Better Life

I Want to Build a Better LifeBuilding a better life can be difficult, there’s no doubt about that.

Many people are more driven to stay comfortable and keep the “status quo” rather than make a dramatic change to their lives – even if that change is a positive one and it’s ultimately for the better.

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The Open Ended Question

The Open Ended QuestionWhat is the purpose of the open-ended question and how can you use it to generate infinite possibilities?

The purpose of the open-ended question is simply a way to help you detach from an outcome. Detaching from an outcome allows for the generation of infinite possibilities. The open ended questions help switch the filter of the brain’s RAS (Reticular Activation System) which then allows you to change what Continue reading

Five of the Most Basic Tips on How to Follow Through on Your Goals

Five of the Most Basic Tips on How to Follow Through on Your GoalsAs you can imagine, in my line of work as a life coach and executive coach, I regularly come across people who say to me “Every time I set myself goals I never follow them through!” And they ask me for tips on how to do this differently.

Although everyone has their own personal way of doing things, and there’s no one answer that works for everyone, I have found that the following suggestions work Continue reading