Jive Talkin’

Jive Talkin'‘Rumor has it’, ‘Daily Dish’, or ‘Did You Hear?’ as a headliner may have grabbed readers attention more quickly. How many of us would not jump on a chance to get in on the latest, be it true or false. Whether it is on a local level, the world of politics or fame and fortune, why is it that human nature lives to be in the know? Where does the news and conversation stop and the gossip Continue reading

I Want to Build a Better Life

I Want to Build a Better LifeBuilding a better life can be difficult, there’s no doubt about that.

Many people are more driven to stay comfortable and keep the “status quo” rather than make a dramatic change to their lives – even if that change is a positive one and it’s ultimately for the better.

It takes a rare kind of attitude to consistently seek a better life no matter where you find Continue reading

The Open Ended Question

The Open Ended QuestionWhat is the purpose of the open-ended question and how can you use it to generate infinite possibilities?

The purpose of the open-ended question is simply a way to help you detach from an outcome. Detaching from an outcome allows for the generation of infinite possibilities. The open ended questions help switch the filter of the brain’s RAS (Reticular Activation System) which then allows you to change what Continue reading

Five of the Most Basic Tips on How to Follow Through on Your Goals

Five of the Most Basic Tips on How to Follow Through on Your GoalsAs you can imagine, in my line of work as a life coach and executive coach, I regularly come across people who say to me “Every time I set myself goals I never follow them through!” And they ask me for tips on how to do this differently.

Although everyone has their own personal way of doing things, and there’s no one answer that works for everyone, I have found that the following suggestions work Continue reading

Time Management Using the 3C Method

Time Management Using the 3C MethodMany of us write daily to-do lists, with the best intentions in the world to get to and complete what we’ve written. When things just don’t seem to get done though, there is a way to hold yourself accountable and accomplish your list. You can use the 3C method.

First, CHECK.

As you complete each task, check it off. You know have tangible evidence of a finished Continue reading

What Do You See When You Look at Yourself in the Mirror?

What Do You See When You Look at Yourself in the Mirror?Do you see a critical and lamenting person looking at you? Or do you see a loving and compassionate ‘You’ in your eyes? Okay, so you say, you don’t see either of them. Every morning you brush your teeth, men shave their beard while women put on their make-up, get ready… in front of a mirror! Do you know that you do all of this without ever really Seeing Yourself?

When I first started doing Affirmations Continue reading

The Journey From Loneliness to Solitude

The Journey From Loneliness to SolitudeHere I sit waiting for something to happen, anything. The phone to ring, a visitor or even a stray cat that wanders onto my front porch looking for some attention or a handout.

How did I get here? Why am I here? What’s next? Does anyone care? Does someone care?

The days pass slowly filled with needless tasks and wasted time and the nights drag on while I wait Continue reading

Food is Fuel For Your Brain

Food is Fuel For Your BrainI love desserts. In fact, ice cream for breakfast would suit me just fine.

Over the years, however, I have had to face the fact that we truly “are what we eat” and if we are only eating foods that hold empty calories without good energy we are in trouble.

Imagine that instead of filling your gas tank with fuel what would happen if you filled it with sugar. How many miles per gallon do you think Continue reading

Cool Halloween Trivia – The Most Common Phobias in the World

Cool Halloween Trivia - The Most Common Phobias in the WorldHalloween is definitely one of the most fun seasons in the year! This is the time of the year that many fanatics of horror and all things scary (and a lot of those who aren’t really) come out and converge in several parties, move/video game marathons, and trick or treat sessions. It is a time filled with laughter and excitement that many people forget what Halloween is actually glorifying-all the fears Continue reading

Why Joining a Support Group Can Be Good For You!

Why Joining a Support Group Can Be Good For You!When you are facing a particularly difficult time in your life, whether it’s because you’re struggling with an addiction, or perhaps because someone you love is an addict, or if you are finding life hard because you have just been diagnosed with a serious illness, or if you don’t have many friends to turn to because you are socially isolated, there is an easy way that you can quickly Continue reading